70 Clever Loft Stair Design for Tiny House Ideas

44 Clever Loft Stair Design for Tiny House Ideas

Living in a loft or a tiny house? Save space with compact staircases, built-in storage, narrow ladders and lots of other features designed just for these occasions. Learn how to combine two or more functions to make the most of your floor space and your tiny home will suddenly feel more spacious and a lot more comfortable.

Multi functional furniture is the best for small spaces. Take this bookcase for example. It doubles as a ladder and because of the similarities in design the two seamlessly work great together. You just have to find the right place to install it.

A great way to double your space in a room is with a loft bed. Underneath, you can have a work area or a cozy sitting area. Either way, you can install a compact ladder on the wall and perhaps even use it as a shelving unit.

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