60 Genius Tiny House Bathroom Shower Design Ideas

31 Genius Tiny House Bathroom Shower Design Ideas

Tiny homes have to make efficient use of space and that includes the bathrooms. A tiny house bathroom has to accommodate a toilet, a bath and/or shower, and a sink in a very small amount of space.

An exception to this is when a house will share a kitchen and bathroom sink. In average sized homes, bathrooms average about 45 square feet and that’s on the smaller end of the scale. 45 square feet, however, is way too big for a bathroom in a tiny house. Despite the tiny size of a tiny house bathroom, they can still be beautifully designed as well as functional.

Take a look at some tiny house bathroom designs below for some design inspiration for your own tiny home.  These are not listed in any particular order; we think they’re all beautiful in their own unique and tiny way.

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