55 Modern Home Decor with Yellow Colour Accent

45 Modern Home Decor with Yellow Colour Accent

Using yellow as an accent colour can seem a little scary at first. It’s so bright and so bold that it can take over a space if you’re not careful. Luckily, there’s no shame in starting small! Play with different shades of yellow by using small accent pieces to see which colours you like the most. Use throw pillows on your sofa and chairs, dress up a shelf with a decorative plate, or fill a large, clear vase with a dozen lemons.

When you’re playing with colour to see if you like it, don’t go out and invest a lot of money. Hit the thrift shops to look for inexpensive frames or knick knacks, then spray-paint them the colour you want to test. Don’t like the way it looks? Just repaint! Keep on trying until you find the perfect shade of yellow. Once you’ve hit the nail on the head, you can match the colour with other small accent pieces.

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