55 Genius Dorm Room Organization Ideas

50 Genius Dorm Room Organization Ideas

One of the best ways to take advantage of a tiny dorm room is to find out if your school’s residential offices will loft your bed. A lofted bed frees up floor space for additional storage and will make your room feel larger.

If you’ve got a magnetic mini fridge in your room, take old tea tins and stick them to the fridge’s front as a convenient place to throw extra pencils, makeup, or other odds and ends. They won’t take up valuable surface space but will still be close at hand. Storing jewelry in drawers can be frustrating, as it can become easily jumbled. It will also take up a ton of valuable drawer space. Instead, hang jewelry from easily removable command hooks, or invest in a cute corkboard and use funky pushpins to keep your favorite pieces organized while they contribute to the room’s décor.

Keep your keep your space neat with these super-simple dorm decorating tips below.

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