55 Fabulous Gabion Fence Design for Garden Landscaping Ideas

50 Fabulous Gabion Fence Design for Garden Landscaping Ideas

The front fence is sometimes overlooked when considering ways to improve your home. A fence can be an important aspect to adding kerb appeal and value to your home. A Gabion fence is becoming a popular choice for not only adding value to your home, but can also have many other benefits!

Rockweld is attractive on both sides of the fence and can create a beautiful feature wall when viewed from inside the home. It has the added benefit of being graffiti resistant and is fire proof, protecting your home further. Rockweld is also very strong and can provide a barrier and a level of protection from the unfortunate possibility of a car entering your property the wrong way!

We have collated some of our recent and popular Rockweld Gabion fence projects for inspiration.

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