50 Cozy Reading Corner Decor Ideas

48 Cozy Reading Corner Decor Ideas

It’s an unspoken golden rule in education that reading is the most important skill to develop in all students. Reading is not only how students access information across all other subjects, it is how students continue to learn past the classroom, past elementary school, past childhood and past college. Because even as adults, reading is one of the primary ways we learn new things.

The best way of doing that is creating a space within the classroom that’s completely different than the rest of it. A beautiful and inviting classroom library or reading corner will naturally draw students in. Inviting kids to read in a comfortable reading nook can be used as a reward or encouragement. Showing students how much we care and treasure books will cause them to feel the same way.

Here we’ve collected ten creative, cozy and comfortable reading corner ideas. Let these examples inspire you with ways to make your students’ reading time into the best part of the school day.

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